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A Shot in The Vein For Entrepreneurs. (Free E-book)

Making your Business Fun to Run.

es Posible?

Si Senor. It better be. We’ve all seen the businessman/shop-owner who is utterly consumed by his construction company/e-commerce site/floor-cleaning service, etc.

Every conversation with him entails dodging his flailing arms meant to convey his frustration about payroll, seedy employees, and cheap customers  as he speaks at volumes that beg to make eaves-droppers out of anyone within 15ft.

After you wipe his specks of saliva from your forehead and cheek, praising the heavens none made it in to your mouth, you offer a bit of sympathy for his woes as a business owner.

You think to yourself,

is this the alternative to having a job?

Breaking your back to run a business, constantly putting out fires, struggling to stay afloat?

Not ah. It doesn’t have to be.

I came across a free e-book that outlines the way. I literally can’t believe this book is free. Get it. Read it. Live it.


Free Download here

Copy Sells, But Whose Buying? My Landing Page Site Copy


image by rick


As a fitness entrepreneur, the way I see it there’s 2 routes.

The: Hype, Feed off Fear and Emotions, Pseudo Sense of Urgency & Scarcity Hard-sell Approach

Exhibit 1.

“ONE TIME OFFER!! Expires in 40 seconds!! Only 7 No, 3 Spots Left! Act  Now or You’re a Total Effing Loser! Buy now. . .Loser!”

Couple that with questionable testimonials and scantily-clad hard-body pictures and you got yourself an italian suit- pinky ring Landing page


The Let-me-level-with-you, speak you language, meet your needs, educate you, so you can buy or not buy freely makes no diff to me, high-road approach.

I’ve seen great examples here, here, and here

The former approach is one of manipulation and it is the way internet marketers are told their Copy should be. I remember studying some internet courses encouraging one to make hollow “review” websites for the purpose of coming off un-biased, when really its a cloaked attempt to push one’s own product. Not only is it biased, it’s flat-out deceiving.

This is why so many people are apprehensive to buy off the net. They don’t want to be scammed. It’s hard to find people we can trust here on the Internets. What a tangled web such conniving internet marketers weave.

This is Changing though. Web 2.0 is increasing the level of transparency and quality is rising above the dross like smoke from a flame.

The way I see it, the better what ever it is you are selling/providing is, the less need there is to use black-hat tactics to get bought.

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