About Not For Hire.

What’s this site about? Good Question.

I’m not 100% on that one yet. I’m sort of letting this thing take shape on it’s own.

When I started this I had a ton of apprehension because the last thing the internet (and you) needs is another biz/marketing/personal dev blog contributing to the noise, distraction and keeping you from doing the work.

Nonetheless, I have the hot itch to write. It nags and won’t stop till I submit and hamper down to write it off my chest. This is an itch I hope (and know) you have, the itch that no job or distraction can scratch. Nothing will alleviate the fix you have to create and ignoring it will have you twitching and scratching and sweating like a troubled Hollywood starlet in a halfway house.


This is the bathroom stall where I go to get my fix. It’s my write-as-I-go companion that I hope you come across and find immensely helpful. I will refrain from naval-gazing self-reflection and hold to the useful lessons that I think would help you wherever you are.

Here I plan chronicle the hard-earned lessons I acquire as they happen and package them as a teaching tool for whomever finds themselves here.

Why the name “Not for Hire”?

It’s a state of mind more than anything. It’s a fist-pump declaration that pretty much says,

I can’t be bought, can’t be sold.

To me it means freedom. You work because you choose to not because you’re bound to. Nobody owns your soul or your schedule.

Throughout college, and everyday I meet people. Talented people, but scared people. Dancers, writers, artists, musicians, and countless others all doing things other than dancing, writing, art-ing, and playing music. Instead they are getting jobs at accounting firms, changing to more “sensible” majors, going to college, not going to college, spending their lives in shadows of doubt while growing increasingly dead inside.

I remember talking to a beautiful dance major who was panicking our senior year of college because she was faced with looming student debt. The fairy tale had ended, time to place a fingered L on your forehead and start planning your glazed-eye existence.

Or… Countless peers majoring in education whom are convinced their noble calling, whilst paying generously in psychic income , good will, and after-life real estate, dooms them to a life of K-mart shopping and TV Dinners.

The same goes for those called to the non-profit sector and service.

Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.

You don’t have to scrape by to do what you love or do what you loath to live a life of financial freedom. I know you don’t believe me, but it’s true.

Doing good and Doing Well are NOT mutually exclusive. Far from it.

But you do have to do what others don’t. It requires planning, time, and some money. But so does the other, only a lot more, along with your soul.

The Good news is that it’s never, ever, been this easy to do it.

Not For Hire is the site that’s going to show you how to make that statement a reality

About Me (Ricky Magana)

I’m a twenty-something a few years into full-blown adulthood trying to figure this work/life thing out.

I’ve been in school for the vast majority of my life.

For a good 20 years I was cradled in the arms of education, safely adhering to the syllabus structure, assignments, deadlines, and defined beginnings and ends of the academic year until I came to the final end that was my graduation.

There I was at commencement, listening to names called off. One by one, the student assembly line unloaded ┬áripe idealistic youth into the big scary world with the parting words…

Listen Boy, You ain’t gotta go home, But you can’t stay here.

All of the sudden, I was evicted from my scholastic utopia armed with with a degree, a resume, and burning desire to do big things. Not much else.

To think, less than 10 years ago I was collecting Pokemon cards and all of the sudden I have I have a slew of bills (health insurance, auto, school loans, rent, etc.) to pay and obligations fulfill. My youth had expired.

Transition from pubescence to Grown ass Man can be a rough one.

Before I finished college I knew I would not be seeking employment. I couldn’t work for “The Man”.

“The man” wouldn’t want me to either. I’m a terrible employee.

Knowing this, I schemed…

I found a guy on the internet and paid him to meet me on skype every week and teach me how to build websites. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

The way I saw it, knowing how to build a website was probably one of the most valuable skills one could have in the rapidly changing world we live in. I knew I had ideas (many web-related) and didn’t want not knowing how to start a website to keep me from them.

I also took on some internships with internet companies working (for free) in exchange to look behind the scenes and learn. And learn I did.

I then started a gym with my best friend. Why? Well, It made sense at the time.

In the process of doing those things I have gained a significant amount of experience with the internet (marketing, seo, social media, etc.) and the good old fashioned “Brick & Mortar” business.

I am by no means an expert but everyday I’m here practicing what I preach, Royally screwing things up from time to time, and earning wisdom from hard-earned lessons.