Want usually demands an uncomfortable process, but leaves you with a gratifying result.

Cravings beckon us to engage in pleasurable process, that feels good in the moment but leaves one disappointed.

I crave cookies.

So one day I give in, enjoying the eating of every last crumb.

After the gorge, I somehow, feel empty and yet full of regret.

I want Health

So at the cost of comfort I sweat through every last mile and rep.

Energy spent, I somehow, am energized full of accomplishment.

You can always tell the character of what you do, by how scared you are to do it, and how you feel after it is done.

The undertakings that most terrified me to start are the ones I’m most proud to have done.

My biggest regrets, are from giving in to the easy animal urge for comfort or pleasure only to feel like shit after.

So in this inverse relationship, What I want and what I crave are are almost always in conflict.

I want a number of things and yet crave a number of things that work against that.

Being at the mercy and whim of cravings is a dangerous road that will leave you saddened by your vanished youth.

Chew on it.