If you write, paint, build, sell or create (and yes, tweet) you most likely have a Following.

What you offer to the world has brought to you a small (or large) group of people who keep coming back.


I have been trying to answer that for myself, to understand my following, and why over the years they consistently come back.

My approach in trying to understand this has been flipping this following idea on it’s head.¬† I began to ask myself:

Who do I follow? And why?

From the places I eat, the books I read, the lessons I heed, and the people responsible for them. I looked at why I come back to these people and places and paid very close attention.

I asked Myself…

  1. How am I treated when I walk into a business, go to a website, opt into someone’s email list or twitter feed?
  2. What kind of Atmosphere have they created?
  3. How do I feel when interacting with them?
  4. What things do they do and develop to make their followers feel special?

I was once told by a prolific Business author to talk to the most loyal followers and ask them why they follow and buy from me. He said I’d get all kinds of responses¬† and that I’d be surprised by the answers.

Some will tell you you’re the best price in town (even when you know it’s not true).

No matter what they say, the people who consistently buy from you are really telling you:

“I feel the way I need to feel when I do business with you.”

In other words,

You satisfy a need or desire within them.

Find out what those needs are. Give it a try. You’ll likely end up with some interesting insights into the collective mind of your following.

Profile this person and do what you can to find more of them.