Yesterday was MLK day so I find today’s post title rather appropriate.

Although I am not on the streets of Birmingham with Dr. King circa 1964 celebrating a step forward in the Civil Rights Movement, I do feel I have overcome, and am Free At Last (or at least I soon will be).

It’s been almost a month since my last post back in the 0-9. It is now 2010 and with the new year came some sweeping life changes.

From the day after Christmas to January 4th Me, Ed, Mike (along with the help of other unsuspecting friends, family, and fools) worked 12-15 hour days orchestrating the launch of our new gym. It was a very stressful week, but one for which I am grateful.

The launch went great. The gym looks awesome and ever since we opened, attendance is absolutely through the roof.

I am only finally coming up for air to come back here and post. My goal for this site is two posts a week and since my hiatus, I am 6-8 posts behind. shame on me.

Anyway along with the new gym I have had some radical epiphanies and mindset shifts in the past weeks. I read two books that are the cause for this:

Sourcecontrol by Dave Walsh and Work The System by Sam Carpenter

Sourcecontrol is by far one of the most valuable materials I’ve ever had in terms of my business. It’s on outsourcing. And if you’re like me you tried it and got burned. He shows you how to do it right and gives you everything to execute and orchestrate like a true international player.

Work the system is similar to the E-myth in that it explains the power of systems. He tells his story of how he nearly drowned himself in his business and how one day a mental shift towards “systems-thinking” changed his life, multiplied his income, and dwindled his workweek to 2 hours a week.

Both have given me something that I find tremendously rare and valuable these days:


I finally could see through the dross. I finally knew what to do. I could see the top of the mountain, the proverbial light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

So often we know what needs to be done, and alot needs to be done (or at least it seems that way) so we don’t know where to start and become paralyzed.

These books cause that fog of where-the-hell-do-I-start to clear.

I also just picked up the revised 4 Hour Workweek By Tim Ferriss. I was skeptical that it had much more to offer than the previous copy. I should have known better the book fantastic and and only added to the smoldering embers of my new found clarity and focus.

Read these books. Seldom can I close a book gitty, with a twinkle in my eye, feeling lighter (and slightly dangerous ) knowing the book i’m holding just changed everything. These are such books.

Keep an eye out for posts on my real life application of the process of systematizing my business and outsourcing.