2495412867_292e9af449Everyone, if they took the time to look at their circumstances in the context of where they want to go, would realize one very critical thing:

There’s 1, maybe 2 things, that if I learned, would change everything.

For me, as an entrepreneur seeking to grow thriving businesses, both online and brick-and-mortor, I knew those two skills would be Marketing, and Internet Literacy.

When I say marketing, I mean the ability to construct carefully executed marketing campaigns across many advertising mediums for many industries for the sole purpose of getting customers in the door or in front of my product/service. This also includes the capacity to test and measure the effectiveness (ROI) of such campaigns in such a way that every marketing dollar be maximized and there is no “shot-in-the-dark-fingers-crossed” dollars wasted.

Internet literacy is the ability to command and orchestrate the vast resources available on the internet to execute and advance the ideas/causes/products for which I care about immediately without having to sit paralyzed by the sheer volume of information. Such things include running adwords campaigns, constructing websites, use of social media, driving traffic, blogging, etc.

These two skills allow me to immediately put ideas I have into action. I can no longer rationalize putting my ideas off  for some future date.

I feel strongly that these 2 skills are the critical 2 for most people striving to create a life less ordinary.

Artists, musicians, hobbyists, anyone with the desire to create something.

So, What Forte(s) would catalyze your ascent to remarkability?

image by Professor Bop