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The World Needs You

Believe it. I do, to my very core.

Pardon me while I get all existential on you. Everyday I see people, plotting along. Empty. Living the life of someone who doesn’t really think that who they are is of any significance. Actually I’m not even sure I’d call it living. More like existence.

I see some girls approaching their mid-twenties in a silent panic to find a husband before their youth expires and their porcelain skin ages. Guys in the gym cycling steroids to pack on muscle and sculpt their bodies into a citadel to veil a weak sense of self. Both beautiful on the outside but empty without validation from “out there”.

Young grads oozing with potential, denying intuition, taking the “safe” route ,trading sovereignty for salary. Look anywhere and you’ll notice. People just going through the motions. Walking slumber.

Its heart-breaking.

It’s because they have no idea that the world needs them, desperately. So many of us have no idea what it is we want out of life. Some have no idea what we do better than anyone else. I think we do know but amidst the noise of societal expectations, desire for things, and self-doubt it becomes hard to hear or discern what we want.

You need to know that what you have we need. We need it badly and we need you to find it. So figure out how to share it with us. The world is a very messed up place. This is both a problem and opportunity. It means we all have a place in it’s repair.

What do you bring to the table?

Take the final weeks in December to think about how you can make this year, the year that changes everything.

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