Hi. My names Ricky.

I’m an Entrepreneur (ultra-novice), a Elite Fitness Coach, Internet marketer, and aspiring do0gooder. This is my new site. Here I plan to do many things.

I’m an entrepreneur in fitness and web marketing. But i’m also very very new. Graduated a couple months ago so my idea is to profile, in real time, the beginning, middle, and unforeseen future of my career as an entreprepreneur.

The first of which will be the chronicles of starting a gym in a small town using little more than…

Social Media and Sweat Equity

Here you will see, as it happens, experiments in the marketing, growing, and sustaining of my business Heyday Elite Fitness

The trials and tribulations will be laid out before you so that you can learn from me, and I, you.

I’m also very much into living an etch-a-sketch life. Drawing life out by your own terms. If you mess up, shake it off and try again. I will be showing you how mine pans out here 🙂 Lets Get Started.



image by deliriousfish